Wireless Connections

In general a wireless connection is a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint solution. The difference between both is that the point-to-point is a 1 on 1 connection, whereas the point-to-multipoint is a 1 to many connection. Both solutions can be used for many different cases and thus we distribute different brands for each kind of case. We have manually tested all of our vendors’ products and thoroughly tested them on performance and reliability, to make sure we offer the best products available. Below you can find an overview of all of our vendors;



Perfect for bigger networks with a lot of point-to-(multi)points in the 3.5GHz, 5.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz band



Ideal for licensed and licensed-free point-to-point connections



Up to 1Gbps HD point-to-point connections over short distances in the 60Ghz band – Now also available in point-to-multipoint!



1Gbps FD point-to-point connections in the 60Ghz band for distances up to 750m



1Gbps HD point-to-point connections in the 5.4Ghz band – especially useful in high noise level environments