Installation, Configuration & Support

As a value added distributor we offer complete configuration, installation and support of all of our equipment (CCTV + wireless). As we’ve been working day in day out with our products for over 10 years, we’ve had to overcome a lot of difficulties and problems which has given us all the know how we need to perfectly complete every installation. From a single point-to-point to networks with over 350+ connections, we can do it all. Even the trickiest installations (windmills, 60m masts, rock walls, churches, …) are easily/safely solved by our technicians.

As we work for various resellers, we end up working in different environments every day, so our technicians are regularly trained in safety and new techniques. We also have 2 cherry pickers (21m and 25m) and several installation vans that are well-equipped. To keep our technicians up to date with all product changes, they regularly attend trainings provided by our vendors.

With all of the above we can provide you and your customer the best possible service and assist with all questions.