For our CCTV installations we distribute Pelco cameras and systems. At our offices in Kontich we have a demo room where we can display the functionalities of the VideoXpert system and several cameras (HD, 180°, 270°, thermal, …). Please contact us to request a demo.

A lot of cities have CCTV networks, but don’t always have a wired uplink available. Therefor we install a wireless uplink (Radwin, Siklu) attached to a camera, as this is more profitable (reduces site deployment costs, installation time and minimizes obstructions) than having to run a new fibre uplink.



Pelco offers the broadest selection of IP cameras designed for security surveillance in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings. From their industry-leading fixed and high-speed IP cameras to panoramic, thermal imaging, explosionproof and more, Pelco offer a camera for any environment, any lighting condition and any application.


VideoManagment systems (VMS)

Video management systems by nature are complex – a complexity that often overwhelms the user experience, resulting in a steep learning curve and misplaced focus. VideoXpert is different thanks to its intuitive design and easy-to-navigate presentation that effortlessly displays what’s needed, when it’s needed, allowing security professionals to make fast, effective decisions that drive your business forward.



As security systems continue to increase in sophistication, valuable time and training resources are required to confidently configure and service these complex, integrated video management solutions.

To help our resellers, we are proud to offer Pelco Professional Services, an exciting opportunity to help increase your revenue and expand video security services to your customers. This powerful fee-based service program for Pelco resellers delivers an outstanding way to stimulate your business by leveraging our industry-leading solutions to protect the end user’s critical investment. Let Pelco solutions help make you successful!